Rabbit Breeds

Did you know there are over 300 breeds of rabbit?

Fun Rabbit Facts

• A female rabbit is called a doe.
• A male rabbit is called a buck.
• A young rabbit is called a kit or kitten.
• Rabbits live in groups.
• The European rabbit lives underground, in burrows.
• A group of burrows is known as a warren.
• More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America.
• Rabbits have long ears which can be as long as 10 cm (4 in).
• Rabbits have a lifespan of around 10 years.
• Rabbits are herbivores (plant eaters).
• Pet rabbits that live inside are often referred to as indoor rabbits.
• Rabbits reproduce very quickly. This can be a major headache for people living in agricultural areas where rabbits are seen as pests.
• Rabbits are born with their eyes closed and without fur.

Rabbits are NOT...

Good pets for children
Rabbits are rarely cuddly. As prey animals they are nervous by nature and can bite or scratch when stressed. Building up a relationship with a rabbit takes time and patience and has to be on the rabbit's terms. Children often lack this patience.

Happy to be picked up or petted
Rabbits are a prey species, so when they're picked up their instinct tells them they have been caught by a predator, and they often react aggressively. Most good owners will only pick up the rabbits to check their health. The pleasure is in watching them display their natural behaviours.

Happy in small spaces
The Victorians kept rabbits in hutches for easy access for meat and the habit stuck. Wild rabbits live in large underground warrens. When they are above ground they cover a large area each day. Pet rabbits need a living area that is at least 10 feet by 6 feet with permanent access to a living area.

Happy living alone
Studies show that rabbits value companionship almost as much as food. Watch a pair or group of bonded rabbits snuggling up together and cleaning each other and you'll see exactly why it's cruel to keep a rabbit on its own.

Easy to look after
Rabbits should be cleaned out every day and given fresh hay and bedding. They can live for over ten years so that's a lot of clean outs! They need annual vaccinations and can be very susceptible to medical problems, so expect visits to the vet!

Cuddly toys
Rabbits suffer for their looks. Children see a cute and fluffy rabbit in a pet shop and pester their parents to buy it. But as with their toys, children often lose interest quickly and the rabbit is abandoned or endures a miserable life alone in a hutch at the end of the garden.

Cheap pets
Whilst pet rabbits are inexpensive to buy, caring for them isn't. You'll need a secure outdoor enclosure or good quality indoor cage as well as food, hay and bedding, neutering (castrating for males, spaying for females), vaccination and vet trips. Caring for a pair of rabbits over their lifetime can cost over £10,000.

The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that originated in the Netherlands.

Weighing 1.1–2.5 pounds, the Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest rabbit breeds.

Its popularity as a pet or show rabbit may stem from its appearance.

Elsie is an Angora Rabbit

The Angora rabbit is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit.

It is bred for the long fibers of its coat, known as Angora wool, that are gathered by shearing, combing, or plucking.

Because rabbits do not possess the same allergy-causing qualities as many other animals, their wool is an important alternative.

Holland Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit that was recognised by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1979 and by the Netherlands' Governing Rabbit Council in 1984.

The Holland Lop, with a maximum weight of 4 lb, is one of the smallest lop-eared breeds.

The Flemish Giant rabbit is a very large breed of domestic rabbit, normally considered to be the largest breed of the species.

The English Lop is a fancy breed of domestic rabbit that was developed in England in the 19th century through selective breeding.

It is believed to be the first breed of lop rabbit developed by humans.

And it may be one of the oldest breeds of domestic rabbit.

The Belgian Hare is not a true hare but rather a fancy breed of domestic rabbit.

They have been selectively bred to resemble the wild hare.

Averaging 6–9 pounds, the Belgian Hare is known for its slender and wiry frame and its long and powerful legs.

Lionhead is a breed of domestic rabbit recognized by the British Rabbit Council and by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

The Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane encircling the head, reminiscent of a male lion as its name implies.

The term rex rabbit refers informally to one of at least nine breeds of domestic rabbit.

One such breed is the Rex, which is recognised by the American Rabbit Breeders Association but not by the British Rabbit Council.

The American Rabbit is a breed of rabbit, recognised by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1917.

American rabbits have a mandolin body shape and a coat ideal for use as fur.

It has also been noted for a good sweet temperament and good mothering abilities.

The Californian, also known as the California White, is a breed of domestic rabbit originally found in Lynnwood, California, starting in 1923.

The Blanc de Hotot is a medium-sized rabbit breed originally developed in France.

It is a compact, thickset white rabbit with spectacle-like black rings around each dark eye.

They were first bred in Hotot-en-Auge, Normandy, France in the early 1900s.

The breed spread throughout Europe and into North America by the 1920s .